The Humboldt Bay Initiative (HBI) – previously the Humboldt Bay Ecosystem Program – seeks to create a coordinated resource management framework that links the needs of people, habitats and species by increasing scientific understanding of the ecosystem.  Humboldt Bay is California’s second largest natural coastal bay, supporting a wide range of bird and aquatic life while being bordered by the cities of Eureka and Arcata. HBI brings together local stakeholders to envision the desired future state of Humboldt Bay ecosystems and communities, understand current conditions in the ecosystem, and to collaborate towards effectively implementing ecosystem-based approaches.

Initiative Background

HBI was originally formed to bring together resource managers, scientists and community members to address management issues that cross disciplines and to link science and management for the Humboldt Bay ecosystem. Over the last two years, the group has grown to include over 80 participants and made substantial progress in developing principles for implementing ecosystem-based management (EBM) in their local area.

EBM Approach

In order to address priority threats to the local ecosystem and communities including climate change, invasive species and human activities, HBI proposed a set of strategies aimed at creating the conditions necessary to achieve their shared vision of a healthy ecosystem. HBI facilitates ongoing coordination and collaboration among local agencies, resource managers and local constituencies and develops, integrates and disseminates key ecosystem information.

location Humboldt Bay, California

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Project lead  Susan Schlosser



Formed: 2007

Geographic Focus: Humboldt Bay (including the surrounding watershed and nearshore ocean)

Project Office: Eureka, CA (270mi north of San Francisco, CA)


  1. -Core Team (primary support)

  2. -Workgroups (topic-focused)

  3. -Project Team (larger group of interested parties)


  1. -Strategic Plan: Humboldt Bay Initiative: Adaptive Management in a Changing World

  2. -Humboldt Bay Cultural Resources Inventory

  3. -Humboldt Bay Ecosystem Report: January 2007 through December 2008

Project Details

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